What do I say?

T00n and I are still talking, but it feels like something is off..

I think lately I just feel like he is so busy, too busy for me.. and I feel like when I do talk to him that he’s just got nothing better to do, it doesn’t feel like he’s been dying to talk to me all day, or that he misses me or anything..

I think I’ve just been feeling unloved, not his number one, not a priority..

He is (hopefully) coming down to visit me for Valentines Day but god knows what will happen there..

He may decide not to come, that he has other plans, or that he just doesn’t feel like it, not worth the travel to see me..

I know lately I’ve been annoying him because the more I feel like this the more needy and insecure I get, which obviously is just pushing him away more..

Everyone tells me I should make myself unavailable, make him miss me..

Let him feel what it’s like to be without me and then he’ll realise how much he loves me..

But I’m not sure, I think relationship games are stupid and in the end usually only make things worse..

I think I might just try and wait it out, maybe one day he will have time for me..

I know he’s doing all he can but it’s just a feeling, like even when he calls me he seems uninterested..

I don’t know..

What do you do?

Just a thought..

Ciao Bella


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