Today I Had A Thought..

Today I Had A Thought..

Whilst watching one of my all time favourite episodes of Sex In The City I had a thought about my life..

What if everything I want in my life just doesn’t happen?

What If this entire time I’ve been keeping faith and creating dreams about where I’m going and how I’m going to get there and where I will end up..

I’ve been wrong?.. I don’t end up anywhere.. I don’t achieve anything..

Well then what? Who am I to blame and what exactly will I regret?

I’ve always lived life by this:

If you imagine the worst will happen, when it does you won’t be destroyed, you’ll be prepared and it wouldn’t have been a nasty suprise but if you spend your life thinking of only the best possibility if you’re disappointed, the only place left to go is down..

So maybe I should be realistic, look at my life and really make an assumption that’s realistic..

Sometimes it just doesn’t matter how hard you work or how hard you try and fight against the odds..

Sometimes it’s just not in the stars for you..

Just a thought…


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