Toilet Paper

This morning when I woke up and stumbled to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet, I opened one eye and stared at the toilet paper.. It had christmas things.. all over it, stars and reindeers.. and for some reason roses.. and I thought to myself, really? Now, don’t get me wrong.. I love christmas.. but I think that’s unnecessary.. I don’t want to wipe myself with reindeer scented paper… It weirds me out, like they just should not be down there…

Then, I turned and looked out the window.. at the beautiful new apartments opposite me, and I had a thought.. Fuck.. You..

I’m paying the same amount yet I live in a 60 yr old apartment that doesn’t even have an airconditioner that works properly..

HELLO! I live in Australia! Do you not understand how hot it gets here.. Because if you did then you wouldn’t let me melt away in this heat, not to mention my oven is so darn old that when you turn it to the only number left visible (200) it still takes 45mins to cook fish fingers…

So my question is..

Does anyone care if there is prints on your toilet paper or not?

Just a thought..


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