Face washer

I just finished washing my face and I realised something that my mother had drilled into my head when I was younger might actually be true..

I’m not sure if it was my mother or more of a Melbourne thing but when I was three my dad would tell me that germs are bad and that I should be afraid of them, when at my grandmothers house one day my cousins were playing outside and I was sitting at the door watching them, my nan said to me, “Why aren’t you outside playing with everyone?” I said to her “Because daddy said that if I get dirty the Germans will get me” Lol now obviously my nan was devastated and couldn’t realise where this fear of Germans had come from until I developed an OCD like tendency of washing my hands, she saw me and asked “Are your hands sticky? Your wasting water” I replied.. “But there are Germans on my hands” She then realised I meant germs.. My mother sat me down and said “Baby, did you know that our bodies build up an immune system to things by breathing in germs and getting germs on our hands” Now obviously because I was three I had no idea what she was talking about.. Until my nan came up to me and said “Little mate, watch this” She made a wall out of marshmallows and smacked it down, they flew everywhere and then she said “Now if you don’t have a little bit of germs you won’t have a wall there when something tries to smack it down” I nodded, and I thought about it..

Whilst I have spent a lot of money on this Proactiv to make my face soft and beautiful, of I don’t use it for a month my face looks beautiful, but as soon as I use it.. The next day I pop up with pimples.. Now I think that maybe it takes so much off your skins defense that when the tiniest bit of dirt touches it, you pop up.

So maybe, unless you intend to use it everyday, you shouldn’t use it at all.


Just a thought…


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